Art Experience Studio

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School-Based Outreach Programs

Even if you are new to our studio, our art projects are NOT new to your children. We brings affordable visual arts education to school classrooms from developmental kindergarten through eighth grade. The objective is to help every child feel comfortable using art as a means of expression. Our projects have been selected for such school-based art programs every year.

History. Have you ever wondered why your kid's school has art programs such as Art at Your Fingertip, Adventures in Art, Hands on Art, etc? Did you know that those programs have been funded by parents, NOT the CA Department of Education, since 1975? 

Art At Your Fingertips is a Palos Verdes Art Center school-based outreach program to fill in the gap. A committee in PTA annually selects five art projects designed by local artists or art educators. Each must be adaptable for all grade levels, inexpensive, consistent with multi-year program objectives, able to be taught by trained volunteers and have an elusive “WOW” factor.

Through the years, similar independent programs have begun in adjacent school districts, boosting the total number of children served to approximately 42,000. These “sister” programs include:

-Adventures in Art (Torrance)

-Hands on Art (Redondo)

-Young at Art (Manhattan/Hermosa Beach)

-Art To Grow On (San Pedro/Lomita)

-Gateway to Art (Westchester) 

Parent Volunteer Training. Art Experience Studio has had the honor to submit projects for selection and has won every year, out of 40-60 projects, since 2011. We run training workshops to teach 300+ parent volunteers per workshop who, in turn, teach the students in their individual classrooms. Training includes the methodology, motivation and inspiration, as well as letting the volunteers try their hands at creating the project. Here are our winning projects.  

Our project "Proud as Peacock" even traveled internationally to an orphanage in India. Sculpture project "Forms in Movement" was brought to a senior living facility in Oregon by our parent volunteer.

Our Winning Art Projects

“Etegami: With Love from Japan” - Sumi Ink & Watercolors

“Larger than Life” - Printmaking on Black Paper

“Valen-Dine’s Heart” - Printmaking with Wet Medium Film

“Proud as Peacock” - Oil Pastels on Black Sandpaper

“Golden Icons” - Relief Sculpture on Ceramic Tile

“California Sequoias: Giant of the Earth” - Mixed Media on Paper

“Tessellation: One Piece Puzzle” - Marker and Paper

“Forms in Movement: The Sculpture World of Barbara Hepworth” - Fabric and Wire